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Meet the Versatile

Air Fryer Oven

Cut down on oil while still enjoying delicious fried food with 26Qt Hauswirt Air Fryer Oven that fries, bakes, dehydrates, roasts, broils, toasts, and grills.

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Get Inspired In The Kitchen

Powerful, precise, large quantity. Our stand mixers help you save time and energy while providing excellent mixing performance.

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Take Your Blender

To The Next Level

Make perfectly blended smoothies, shakes, soups, nut butters, salsa, and more at the touch of a button.

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Brighten Up Your Day with Refreshing Coffee

For those coffee drinkers who despise the long café lines, Hauswirt coffee maker will make your morning routine a breeze.

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What’s New

May 19, 2021

Spring Onion Butter Cookie Recipe For Starters

A simple cookie recipe that is both easy to make and delicious. With fresh spring onion, this is a savory version of...
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